Home alone 2 lost in new york

I’m not completely sure if this a unpopular opinion, but the few times I’ve mentioned it they’ve been like “What??” So I have confidence it is. Anyways, it is actually so much funnier and generally more entertaining. The first one is like “Oh! He’s home alone.at his house in Chicago.” But with the second one, it’s like “Oh, he’s by himself.IN NEW YORK?”. Have nout else to say except this has instantly become my favourite run and favourite runner of AGDQ this year, funny, very chilled out - great guy and the game is, well it's awful but in a good way. Props to you Iceplug. I have always thought that "Home Alone 2" has better characters, better sentiments, and is overall a better movie than the first Home Alone. When mentioned, I have found this opinion infuriates many many people. Also, Home Alone 3 is pure garbage. I'll entertain all offers.